The bae and i👌☺️

Last night was amazing☺️

*posts a selfie with a cute singer on main blog*

Seconds pass

*loses a follower*

=me laughing 😂

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i get so affectionate when i’m sleepy it’s disgusting

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if people i know online met me in person they’d be surprised by several things like

  • my height
  • my voice
  • exactly how annoying i can be
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There’s all these songs about loving a girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful. But what about loving a girl that does? How come liking myself makes me less appealing? My 12 year old cousin is actually pretty deep (via imjust-a-girl) 9,983 notes

Where do I apply

Sign me up please

I found this ages ago (I didn’t make it) and i’m really bored so send me some numbers :)


u have lips ….. i have lips …… interesting 

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If I reply with “oh” I either don’t give a fuck or I feel like i’ve been punched in the throat

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